Mario Estrada


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Our first offering from Colombia and it's a doozy - smooth, mellow, and juicy, this one's got it all!


When we think about small producers, we think about the independent farmers who do incredible things on small plots of land - the ones who devote all their time and effort into creating a small amount of incredible coffee.  And in the mountains of Antioquia, Mario Estrada is truly giving a face to the best of the small producers in Colombia.


A former banker in Bogota, Mario found his opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and took it with stride.  He knew exactly what it was he wanted to do - start a coffee farm, and do it right, from the ground up.  That means starting off organic, earning his certifications like his Rainforest Alliance, and most importantly, focusing on planting great coffee.  With only 6 hectares of land, Mario has since put together a farm that is sustainably producing incredible coffee - and this is your chance to try it!  As is the case with small farmers, the production isn't high, and we can't promise that it'll last long, but while it's around, we're certainly going to enjoy it, and you should too!


Region: Antioquia

Producer: Mario Estrada

Varietal: Dos Mil, Castillo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1980m

Notes: Cacao Nib, Blackberry, Maple Syrup

Weight: 12oz / 340g