Om Koi Washed


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Om Koi

Our first offering from Om Koi and it’s a beauty!

About 5 hours or so southwest of Chiang Mai lies a remote district called Om Koi.  So remote, in fact, that the region still contains several opium farms - quite the opposite from the other well-patrolled mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.  This presents a challenge for the farmers in the region - while illicit, when presented with few options, many farmers see a way to feed themselves through getting involved in the drug trade.  Fortunately, Om Koi presents a wonderful opportunity in the form of coffee as it offers incredibly lush growing conditions, despite not having the altitude that Chiang Rai presents.

One farmer that recognized the potential of the region for coffee was P’Sopa.  Originally from Om Koi, P’Sopa moved away to work with an electronics manufacturing company, but returned in order to do work far more meaningful to her.  She is incredibly meticulous, and knows the land better than most, which is why one of her lots was awarded 2nd place in Thailand’s tasting competition!  This is why we are so incredibly honored to be featuring her washed process.  What this coffee represents is a showcase of the real potential of the coffee in this region.  It’s something that is scalable, and a fantastic look at what the future of Thai coffee just might look like.  Thank you P’Sopa, and Fuadi, for all of your hard work!


Region: Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai

Producer: P'Sopa

Varietal: Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1250m

Notes: Orange Blossom, Tamarind, Cane Sugar

Weight: 12oz / 340g